read with bts rkive

ARMY’s note: This post is my personal list with references of books that were linked to BTS, either by:

  • comeback concepts/themes including those referenced in lyrics,
  • read or recommended by members,
  • seen in their collection/book shelf.
  • seen as props in concept photos (though I acknowledge that it’s possible they’re not related to comeback concepts)
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Life in Quarantine ‘22.5

Disclaimer: I finished this in May 20th but for reasons unknown to me now, as of 3rd June, I did not publish it at the time. Usually I’d continue to write in the same post for updates, but for now I’ll post it as is and will update with a different part for June (because a couple of things happened already and I’m not sure when it’s gonna end).

Anyway no one really cares, so onwards.

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2, 22 “4” ’22

A/N: I wrote this in January, thought to myself “i’ll put in the authors later” and now we’re here, march 2022 – again, who else is surprised?

canva be snoopin my data & gave me a free ptd style design & like a basic ho3 i got hooked, line & sinker baybeee (also i did not just butchered this design shh if u hate it no u dont ❤️ 🙂 )

Anyways, look at how utterly pretentious that title is. 🤢

I love it.

I’m finally positively assured in my identity of being a reader-slash-book blogger. 😎 Hello Book of The Month? I’m still waiting for that call, honey. Booktube ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Thus as a BBB (Bonafide Book Blogger aka Big Booty B*tch) that apparently means reading resolutions, so here you go:

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Book Review: The Comfort Book


I saw this in GR’s list “Self-Care September” during late August pls ignore the date im writing this review lol and since I liked The Midnight Library (i know it’s a love/hate with some…. questionable situations but can’t deny my experience then, man, i was an innocent lad) I added it in my TBR.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Matt Haig cult members (or is it…?)

After re-reading this review, I’m convinced this is me roasting the book while hiding under the 4* rating lmao read at your own discretion.

this song is never leaving the “most comforting lyrics” chart
(also i find comfort in bts lyrics more than this book oops)
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Book Review: Art of Travel

The Art of Travel: Alain De Botton: Amazon.co.uk: de Botton, Alain:  9780241970065: Books

If you’ve been here long enough (or scrolled far enough), you’d find me talking about my trip (and also of me buying this book) to South Korea, 6 years ago (!!!!) in December 2015. I wanted something to commemorate the trip for myself (other than souvenirs) so I got it on the day we had to leave lol (procrastination queen even then ✨). A few years after, I went through a minimalism phase and gave away most of my books that I owned. I almost gave this book away because I tried to read it and it didn’t go well but I’m glad I didn’t!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Airplanes I Wish To Travel In But Ya Gurl Broke ✈️

I know we have “Airplane” and even “Airplane pt 2” but I feel like “Bicycle” fits the more chill vibe of the book. Also because this song is basically namjoon’s namjooning gift for army so ofccc

Also, I knew this wasn’t part of Joon’s book list but it’s a book I wish I can talk with him with and + namjooning + read during September = why the hell not right?

Let’s bike on! 🚲

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