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I’ve been fermenting this post est. 2020 but since it was Namjoon’s birthday last week on the 12th, I wanted to push this project through as a little ‘gift’. This post is part of #StillWithYouMoonchild birthday project for Namjoon & Jungkook 💜

It’s not entirely complete yet but considering this was originally supposed to be posted ON the 12th, I thought “what the hell just post it already or you wouldn’t able to until next year”. So here it is! I will be updating it as I go whenever I stumble into more info. 🙂

ARMY’s note: This post is my personal list with references of books that were linked to BTS, either by:

  • comeback concepts/themes including those referenced in lyrics,
  • read or recommended by members,
  • seen in their collection/book shelf.
  • seen as props in concept photos (though I acknowledge that it’s possible they’re not related to comeback concepts)

You can check PDF/EPUB versions from some of the websites that I compiled this list from:


Even though we have the above websites, I compiled the lists so I can have a personal one that I can “cross-out” for books I’ve read. This also means that as a non-korean-reader I will not include books that doesn’t have English translations. Additionally, for someone who wanted to be more critical when it comes to information, I would like references to back-up the recommendations if possible.

I also have my own Rkive Library on google drive that I share with my non/army friends. This link shows all books available in rkive library’ – including my personal non-bts collection – if you’d like to check it out, feel free to drop a message/comment! 💜


Bold = Available in Rkive Library

DNF = did not finish reading

Remarks might have reference links that you can check!

PROGRESS: 39 OUT OF 67 (existing) BOOKS READ, excluding (1) book currently reading (The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon)

~ 58% read!

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Book Review: Steve Jobs

This wasn’t in my planned works for NamKook’s #stillwithyoumoonchild project but I ended up finishing it quicker than I expected and since both NamGi read/planned to read it, I reckon I’ll just throw it in haha.

rating: 3 out of 5 of my Apple Products 🍎

My rating is as temperamental as Steve Jobs was. Like as many as his relationships with others, you just gotta get used to the way he was: mercurial, and as his technical term for himself, “an asshole”. Early on I was so repulsed by the way he abused others (as I’ve mentioned multiple times during the whole listening experience) as I was more in tune with his co-founder Steve Wozniak, but I still don’t deny that I have a lot of respect to his intelligence in building up Apple and Pixar from the ground.

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Book Review: I Decided to Live As Me

Chose the korean cover of the book because it’s purple lol so here’s I Decided to Live As Me by Kim Soo-hyun
Choosing [My Time] over the “happier” sounds (or should I say… euphoric?) of [Euphoria] feels almost counterintuitive at first thought, but I feel like it suits the whole “living my life” theme – even though it might be different in terms of mood. (even without reading the lyrics below you could hear the heavier longing of nostalgia in JK’s notes)
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Book Review: The Art of Loving

Intro: Art of Loving

Of course, Trivia 承: Love is basically my army-brand now I just can’t shut up about it whenever I think about the topic of Love
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[archive] Past ’18 Me

So apparently I haven’t clicked my “About” page in the past 4 years – and while I did cringe a lil bit reading these, I do believe and acknowledge that they were a part of me.

Thus, I’d like to keep it here before I amend my About page to something 4-years-more-accurate (I added in some of my current 2021 notes too):

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