Refreshing, not resetting.

There’s actually a story behind all this; loneliness, darkness, hopes and lost dreams. I would retell it to you now but that’s another story for another day. What is here now is this soul and body of mine – tattered and worn, with a few creases at the sides – but hopefully still good to go.

Here’s a few guidelines when it comes to my so called “journal writing”:

  • Promises made concerning posts are promises I assure will be unkept. I write as I please, I write as I feel.
  • Subject range will probably be limited to recounts and notes on how I’m going through with life, pausing and reflecting for the amusement of my future self – but I’ll make sure to sprinkle some zest to spice it up once in a while.
  • Posts rate may stagger to a zero for 6 months or explodes to once a day for a month. You can never know when the itch strikes.
  • Grammar nazis be warned, this is definitely a hellhole to you. Especially so when the clock strikes twelve and everything crumbles – english writing capabilities included.
  • On second thought, make that 24/7. And add “random wonderings with no structure whatsoever” into the mix. I know, I know. Please calm yourself. Breathe in, breathe out and slowly just click that magic button to make it all better.

Simply said, this blog revolves around my life: books, studies, hardships and lessons hidden under each nook and cranny. A “thing” more for myself than to any other.

At the end of the day, I am just someone who is trying to rekindle an old flame. I am not trying to buy another candle, I am not trying to restart my life. I am not denying the pitch black darkness of my past; I am revitalising and taking in the sights. I am embracing the young, naive me and gently easing her to a – not a bleached clean slate – but maybe, more of an isabelline, parchment coloured one.

Here’s to a lifelong roller coaster ride, kiddo. Buckle up.


4 thoughts on “Refreshing, not resetting.

    1. Atiqah Hasnan says:

      I’m back but I guess it would be the same old same old, haha! I have no idea how this will go, I haven’t got much to offer. But thank you for saying that, I appreciate it very much. 🙂


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