The twins are named as Shukr and Sabr. Shukr embodies the Gratefulness in one’s self and Sabr is the Patience. Together they are the equation of peace and happiness to everywhere they go and they were sought after by many. Some were lucky, Others… almost there. The lucky ones learned that they needed to befriend them both if they were to get the rewards that they seek.

Shukr and Sabr is a pair that completes one’s Faith (Imaan) and had gone beyond the test of Time. Their presence is a gift that had never failed: to feel grateful, one should be patient. Without Sabr, dissatisfaction is imminent and the act of complaining is already an exemplar of one who had no Shukr at his side. Dissatisfaction will only allow other kinds of negativities leak into the cracks of your heart – except rather than softening it to allow for happiness to flow, you will only receive frustrations and the hardness of your soul.

Seek Sabr and Shukr and you will be pleased. May Allah ease you in your Sabr and Shukr journey.

Here’s to me finally blurring the lines and breaking down the walls between my own secularity. Let us struggle to meet Him together. Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

Assalamu’alaikum. May Peace be Upon You.


2 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Nutmegazine says:

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence or what. Last week, I told my friend that if I’m going to name twins. I would name them “Sabar” and “Imaan” because of the saying “Patience (Sabar) is the other half of Faith (Imaan)”. So, basically the ‘inside’ joke is Sabar has an other-half called Imaan. I don’t know but I find it kinda funny. LOL.

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    1. Nurul Atiqah says:

      Believe it or not I actually got the inspiration from that! A person I knew was named “Islam” and her sister “Imaan” and I thought it was lovely. But then I thought, what if they were twins? And then I thought about the statement that you made about the other half Sabar. What a coincidence XD


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