Dearest wonder wench

Wonder wench: another name for sweetheart.

The first time I held you in my arms,

You were crying so loudly,

For all the fear, for all the love,

For all of Life and its entirety.

You were so beautiful and sweet back then,

Forever the point where my life had changed.

You were my dearest,

My sweetest wonder wench.

Every day was a memorable moment,

Every day was magical on its own.

Endless “firsts” with you were my pride and joy;

Endless “lasts” tucked away in my mind,

In a nostalgic drawer.

Your highs and your lows,

I guide you through it all.

Watching over you during light,

Catching you when you fall.

You grew strong and independent then,

No longer crying for my attention.

Yet I assure you again,

You are still my dearest wonder wench.

Even when we had our misunderstandings,

Even when you would not talk to me,

I was ready by your side,

I was ready where you need me to be.

Months stretched to years,

Decade after another,

I might no longer be able to guide you,

As my Time began to wither.

But no matter what happens,

No matter the path you take,

Know that I love you,

Since the start with no breaks.

Now and forevermore,

As I take my last breath,

You will always be my lovely daughter,

My dearest wonder wench.


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