Blogger Interview Series

Taken: IG @zahrahemran Edited: Atiqah Hasnan Typography: IG @nghtnday

Taken: IG @zahrahemran
Edited: Atiqah Hasnan
Typography: IG @nghtnday

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you, lovely people!

I have been meaning to update (yes, with my own content, not reblogs. Haha!) since the new semester started but I’m literally swamped with programmes, meet ups and lecture reviews. As a defence, I swear I have a tiny, little draft on that hullaballoo and I’ll develop it soon, In Syaa Allah, just you wait! I’m excited to share with you about what has taken most of my time right now (sorry to disappoint but there’s no guy in the equation…… or is there? 😏)

First of all, I’d like to thank Fifi from The Rustic Trove and Nadia from Nutmegazine for tagging me to do the “Blogger Interview Series” as per title. The timing couldn’t be anymore perfect since it’s a nice prelude for what this blog may hold in the future in addition to being an appetiser between the current mini-hiatus and the next updates.

Here we go!

1) How did you get into blogging?

During the year 2007/08, prior to the usual social platforms we see and use today, we have the blogosphere, with the most common site at that time being Blogger/Blogspot. And like what you’d expect from social medias, young pre/teens (such as 12-year-old-me) clicked “Create Blog” and started to talk, vent and rant about the social standings of school cliques, the unfairness of parents and teachers about the amount of homework to be done and that fella(s) over there with the hella good hair; reminiscing, yet almost certainly not as dramatic and grammatically correct, as the Dork Diaries or, shall I say? Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Practically everyone had one, and the cool kids are those who could customise their blogs rather than content. Oh, do I even have to talk about content? You could say 12-year-old-me wasn’t exactly the coolest kid on the block (even when it comes to content).

I’m throwing caution to the wind now because I know I’m going to regret mentioning this — my old blog still exists. It’s out there somewhere with all the red faces, scars and unfiltered shame and misery (I wish I’m kidding but I’m not) and has been since 2009. Fun fact: It’s not active since 2014, LAST YEAR. I literally grew up with that blog at the sidelines (I also had a LiveJournal account but that’s a story for another day). Basically, blogging has always been a part of my life even when I rarely give or even think of it as important.

P/s: I’d like to add that Fifi and friend Chian Wein (whom stopped blogging a while back) were a big part of my blogging appetite at that time. So thankful for you girls, you have a special place in my blogger heart.

2) What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

You know what? I’m just going to go with the cliché (you know it’s a cliché because it’s true) and follow 12-year-old-me: just write! No matter what reason you have for blogging, either for showcasing the world or just as a means of expressing yourself, it all comes down to fighting the need to NOT write. Insecurities are bound the be at the corner but it doesn’t matter whether the other person has better english capabilities or whether your pictures aren’t as good, as long as you believe in you and you believe in what you’re writing for. It’s what makes the 12-year-old bloggers grew up beyond 15 to a 20 and still enjoy typing away into the night.

3) What would be your dream campaign?

As a Muslimah living in this temporary, flawed rest-stop of a world, I have come to accept that anything that is idealistic remains, idealistic. There never will be an end of the negativities that we consume everyday in our headlines, in our phones, in our minds. The flaws of this world is what makes this Dunya as it is – a temporary test. But then again, I am a Muslimah, who is taught that the fulfilment of one’s faith are perfect manners (akhlaq), and it is for that reason that I should strive to better my community, even a little bit – for His sake, as my submission to Him (ibadah).

So what exactly is my dream campaign? Rather than focusing on one cause, I thought it would be amazing if there exists a campaign that supports just about anything: human rights – be it women’s, children’s or even men’s – animal right’s, clean water, the environment… even supporting those who are diseased or ill. It’s a campaign that endeavours to help everybody, since our faith believe in helping everyone, no matter who or what. Literally anybody can help and anonymity is favoured. Nobody needs to know your good deeds, it’s for you and your Creator. Imagine the endless possibilities!

I know it sounds like a far stretch, idealistic even, but can’t a realist dream up a dream campaign?

4) Do you have a plan for your blog?

I read a Kinfolk article the other day about The Cloud Appreciation Society and this was one of the questions:

Do you have a cloud-spotting routine?
I don’t. It’s a bit like when someone asks, “Where’s the best place to watch clouds?” Being a cloud spotter is an attitude. It’s a matter of being prepared to pause for a moment and stop whatever is pressing right now when you notice something interesting in the sky. I have two daughters who are 5 and 8 and if one of them says “Dad, look at the sun,” it’s easy to say, “Yes, I’ve just got to send this email first.” There’s always something to stop you stepping back. It’s not about having a routine—it’s just about being prepared to stop what seems urgent right now and enjoy the moment

(Gaven Pretor-Pinney, founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society)

Ironically, how Pretor-Pinney view about the way for surviving the digital age is how I feel about blogging and writing in general: that it is imperative for us to pause what we’re doing and relax and refresh, either by marveling at the celestial architecture of the atmosphere or rearranging words a handful of times and thinking your prose is on fleek (apparently I failed at doing that just after I said “on fleek”). It’s basically the supposed theme of this blog. Highlight: Supposed.

So that’s a long way to say no.

5) What do you think about rankings?

As a pseudo-freelance, teensy blogger, I don’t even think about ratings at all. I never expect people to read this blog other than the random few, but in the end, it’s all about who you are, and rankings are pretty much subjective at this point.

And that’s it!

Next up, I’m supposed to tag others but most of the blogs that I follow has already done/been tagged. Nevertheless, I would like to tag (you three are the only ones left in my feed, actually!):

Nu from Formulanu

SNBazilah from My Glass of Lemon Water

A four-author blog: A Book Unwritten

(And you! Yes you, you lovely reader!)

It would be awesome if you guys can check out the blogs that I have linked in this post! They are all amazing people that I hope everyone can enjoy and learn a thing or two from them. I am always on a look out for local blogs so comment if you’re one of them and I’ll check you out. 🙂

Honourable mentions (first four are more bookish than the rest):

BB from Brubookworm

Aentee from Read At Midnight

Glaiza from Paper Wanderer

Nirvana from Quenching The Quill

H. Fadhilah from Medley Notions

Fiqah N from 8.42AM

Vashti from Monologue Outings

So this was so much fun! It IS longer than I expected so I apologise for the wall of text. I’m looking forward to read more of these from you all and also doing more tag posts (ehem, ehem so please mention me if there are any fun tags around🙈).

What about you? Are you a blogger or a lurking reader? How was your blogging/reading experience? How did you stumble to my blog? (because I’m a curious kitty cat) Should I burn my old blog into oblivion? Will I ever forget the trauma that is my cringe-worthy 12 year old blog posts?

Here’s hoping that Me-In-Five-Years will not be traumatised by this blog post.


  1. I started blogging an age ago as well, using this same username, I suspect it’s still out there somewhere but I hope NO ONE ever finds it. I was such a dullard as a kid *shakes head* Thanks for tagging me Nurul! *nuzzles*


  2. Ooh, this was heaps of fun to read! An intriguing peek into the behind-the-blogger things. XD YAY FOR DOING IT. And omg, I still have the same blog from when I started but the archives…THE ARCHIVES. *considers burning them to the ground* Although I guess it’s a nice reminder that I’ve matured as a blogger, haha HA. HA. Ahem.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I’m so glad you found it fun! If you feel like it you should do it. 😀 (I actually thought you’ve already done it) Also need to edit this post so I can include your blog in the special mentions (since you ARE special ahem ahem) Welcome!


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