To the vast majority of Muslims: I am sorry


I was studying in UK in 2001. That was the year of the 9/11 attacks. When the attacks occurred, most of us international students were home for the summer break. Including many of my Muslim friends. After the attacks, many of them were apprehensive about going back to the UK. But they had to. And they did.

Looking back, I think it was extremely courageous of them to do so. Because they went back to a place where a significant part of the population viewed them with immense suspicion. And I know it was tough for many of my Muslim friends studying in UK then. The emotional stress was immense. None of them were terrorists, but many of them were terrified. Terrified by the suspicious looks and threatening glares from a lot of the Brits. If I were them, and if I knew the treatment that I would receive, I don’t know…

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