Expecting December

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Assalamualaikum, May Peace Be Upon You.

Alhamdulillah, December has started off with an enjoyable experience. Before I start to digress (like most of my other posts) let me gloss over to what is expected this month, In Syaa Allah, if He is willing:

3rd Dec: BBQ with course mates at Muara Beach (done and fun!)

4th – 6th Dec: Neighbour’s wedding

6th Dec: Cousin’s engagement at Tutong in the afternoon

7th -10th Dec: LESTARI (A Life Skills Training Programme)

11th Dec: LESTARI Appreciation Dinner

12th – 16th Dec: Planning to have catch-up/bookish/photoshoot sessions with Shaf, Brubookworm, Zbayani (+ Zahrah) & Derrick (+ library gang as models). If any of these are you, contact me soon so we can plan 😉

17th Dec: Catch up session with the Salbiyyah

18th Dec: Might squeeze in another session before I start packing seriously

20th – 22rd Dec: at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (flying from Miri, a nearby town in Sarawak, Malaysia). Probably staying at Nilai, where a friend is living in campus.

23rd Dec: Morning flight from KUL to Busan, South Korea and reaching there in the afternoon.

27th Dec: Late afternoon flight from Busan to KUL, reaching there near midnight. Probably staying in a nearby hotel.

28th Dec: Possibly an early flight back to Miri, Sarawak and maybe stopping over a few complexes before calling it a day and retreat back to Brunei

While I’ve been to trips with Effah’s family quite a few times I was always clueless about anything other than the country I was supposed to go so I’ll talk about details once they are over (so expect the BBQ post soon!). At the end of the day, no matter how much I plan He is still the Best Planner of all; may Allah ease, Ameen.

Until the next post, Assalamualaikum, May Peace Be Upon You. x



8 thoughts on “Expecting December

    1. Nurul Atiqah says:

      Meet-ups are still on plan mode but I do hope we’ll see it through, In Syaa Allah! I’m almost halfway anyway. And welcome back from Japan!! Excited to read all about it. LESTARI was a few days ago and I’m still exhausted too. Thank you so much for dropping by. Rest up and take care, Bash. x


  1. therustictrove says:

    Wa’alaikumussalam, sounds like a pretty awesome break! I’m sure the last semester has been tough. You totally deserve this break! I’m so happy to hear that you’re flying to Busan! I didn’t manage to go out of Seoul last time but I’m sure Busan is going to be breath-taking! Hope you’ll have a great time for the rest of 2015! Amin. 🙂

    Much love,
    Blog | Instagram


    1. Nurul Atiqah says:

      The semester was tough! but Alhamdulillah, never in my dreams had I imagined myself being there in Busan and Seoul – and it still felt like it even while I’m here with their surrounding remnants. And you as well, hope you had an amazing break from your busy semester and may Allah reward you for it with the best of rewards x (and I apologise for this late reply)


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