Back to December: A Beach-y Start

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Assalamualaikum, May peace be upon you.

You would think having a barbecue picnic with a bunch of your course mates whom you are not actually that close to would be SUPER awkward – and you’re absolutely right. Even though the picnic initially felt like I could literally jump into the nearby sea, I have experienced many more anxiety-filled moments and even embarrassing ones DURING the picnic and I can still say I enjoyed myself. (LATE) Thank you to those who made an effort in cooking, bringing food and whatnot. Jazzakumullahu khairan khateera (May Allah bless you in abundance). The day was a beautiful one indeed and nature had never been so praiseworthy, MasyaAllah wAlhamdulillah.

In the end though, my clothes could not agree less about my thoughts about the day but hopefully the washing machine gave it the comfort that the barbecue sauce and I cannot offer. It took me about half an hour just to get rid of all the burs that clung to my skirt (#RIPTiqah’sClothes)

Thankfully, before the #ClothesIncident, we took some pictures as per usual. While I’m no pro in either photography nor modelling (especially the latter gah, so awks), I still enjoyed learning a little of both from the girls. The more time spent, the more I appreciate the difficulty that is taking portraits and getting that sort-of-natural-but-nahh pose. It was a lot of fun even though I was so out of my element. Bless the girls for bearing with me. And also for the boys that we dragged into the shoot. I’m hoping I’d have time to go over them all and upload on both instagram and vsco but who am I kidding? For now, here are raw photos of outtakes, random selfies and a few that I already posted on my personal instagram account.


Photo 12-3-15, 8 03 23 PM

Photo 12-3-15, 6 05 43 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 05 45 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 05 56 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 05 48 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 06 08 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 05 51 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 05 54 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 06 02 PMPhoto 12-3-15, 6 06 09 PM

Disclaimer: These are obviously not all of the photos we took and most are taken by @zrjm_ on her DSLR (I have yet to learn to take better photos thus the lack of my own – not confident enough, sorry!).

I know someday I’m going to be horridly embarrassed by this post but for now let me appreciate the memories that comes with it. x

Here is the first installment of the “Back to December” series. Hope you like it! I’ll be updating this page after each posts. 🙂


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