7 lessons I learnt from failing law school

Alia Abdullah


In 2008, I was accepted to law school. It’s safe to say that I was absolutely thrilled. My heart pumped fast with anticipation. I kept grinning at anyone and everyone. I was that girl who had stars in my eyes.  Deep inside, I believed that I would change the world. I was completely convinced that I would love being a family lawyer because I wanted to fight for justice.

I was wrong.

I went from one internship to the next feeling positively puzzled. Bit my bit, my passion waned. Having to stay up till 2 am on hectic days, with no time at all for my family and friends, made me miserable. Worse still, I started to realize something that truly shattered my heart. I realized that junior lawyers could not choose our cases. I realized that I could be standing up for someone when my gut feeling was telling me…

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