Life in Quarantine ‘22.5

Disclaimer: I finished this in May 20th but for reasons unknown to me now, as of 3rd June, I did not publish it at the time. Usually I’d continue to write in the same post for updates, but for now I’ll post it as is and will update with a different part for June (becauseContinue reading “Life in Quarantine ‘22.5”

2, 22 “4” ’22

A/N: I wrote this in January, thought to myself “i’ll put in the authors later” and now we’re here, march 2022 – again, who else is surprised? Anyways, look at how utterly pretentious that title is. 🤢 I love it. I’m finally positively assured in my identity of being a reader-slash-book blogger. 😎 Hello BookContinue reading “2, 22 “4” ’22″

Book Review: The Comfort Book

I saw this in GR’s list “Self-Care September” during late August pls ignore the date im writing this review lol and since I liked The Midnight Library (i know it’s a love/hate with some…. questionable situations but can’t deny my experience then, man, i was an innocent lad) I added it in my TBR. Rating: 4 out of 5Continue reading “Book Review: The Comfort Book”

Book Review: Art of Travel

If you’ve been here long enough (or scrolled far enough), you’d find me talking about my trip (and also of me buying this book) to South Korea, 6 years ago (!!!!) in December 2015. I wanted something to commemorate the trip for myself (other than souvenirs) so I got it on the day we hadContinue reading “Book Review: Art of Travel”