Book Review: Steve Jobs

This wasn’t in my planned works for NamKook’s #stillwithyoumoonchild project but I ended up finishing it quicker than I expected and since both NamGi read/planned to read it, I reckon I’ll just throw it in haha. rating: 3 out of 5 of my Apple Products 🍎 My rating is as temperamental as Steve Jobs was.Continue reading “Book Review: Steve Jobs”

read with bts rkive

I’ve been fermenting this post est. 2020 but since it was Namjoon’s birthday last week on the 12th, I wanted to push this project through as a little ‘gift’. This post is part of #StillWithYouMoonchild birthday project for Namjoon & Jungkook 💜 It’s not entirely complete yet but considering this was originally supposed to beContinue reading “read with bts rkive”